FirstCom Introduces DarkFly

The entity DarkFly (designator DF) has escaped it’s contained environment. Latest reports have it spreading towards Nevada at an accelerated rate with no known method to turn it or avoid its impact.

Estimates are that DarkFly will spill into Booth SL9915 at NAB/Vegas on April 14th. The populous is urged to stay clear of the area unless properly inoculated on-site1.

Designed to neutralize competitors modular music, DF is the top of the food chain in organic sound design. So new, so evolutionary, there is no cure; no anti-virus.

DarkFly presents in three stages. Promos, Imaging and Sound Design. Once infected, the viral effects are highly contagious. Symptoms include ease of editing, highly creative loops and mix-outs, and a last stage paste and mix to the final image. With every edit, Host will also experience ebb and flow, with probable peaks and cascades.

At last count, strains of DF number beyond 300 tracks in boxed 5-CD sets or a 2-DVD DigiPak (includes bonus disc with the best of FirstCom Music’s AXS). As an ease-of-use interface, Darkfly will open in iTunes and send to Final Cut Pro or any other non-linear workstation.

Spokesman for FirstCom Labs, Ken Nelson [Senior VP/EP] warns, “This next-level, comprehensive, multi-library interface will provide users a portable, powerful promo tool that delivers the ultimate flexible music rush and will render obsolete even the most recent releases from industry competitors.”

If you feel you might be susceptible to the effects of DarkFly, it is suggested you contact officials at FirstCom immediately: 1.800.858.8800 – Use access code: darkfly

1- Limited supply of inoculations (jello shots) will be administered at Booth SL9915 Monday and Tuesday 4.14/15 starting at 4pm.*

The FirstCom Collective introduces Darkfly-a forward thinking music solution that future promos can’t survive without.



Next Level.

Designed as an easy to edit play list with higly creative loops and mix outs,…a music source that ebbs and flows, peaks and cascades with every edit. Interweave multiple cures and guide your music to video with an endless elemental table of rhythms, melody and edit points.
Take the ending from this and put it onto that~edit in the segment without the melody~…intriguing. Cut, copy, paste and update.

The Darkfly DVD delivers over 250 individual titles plus sound design mutations in one minimally engineered interface. Click and send audio to Pro Tools, Final Cut, Avid or open complete play lists in iTunes.
Optional low tech CD audio available.

Darkfly…Music has Mutated.

800.858.8880 access code:myspace: Darkfly Music

All music is protected under copyright and may not be used without permission of FirstCom Music.


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