FirstCom Music’s “Whatever” In Commercials and Advertising for Fiat Croma

FirstCom Music is pleased to announce ‘Whatever’, a track from Roadside Couch Records, is being used in advertising throughout Europe for the 2008 Fiat Croma.The track is performed by the now-defunct Dirt Bike Annie, led by Adam Rabuck (guitar, vocals), Dan Paquin (bass, vocals), and Jeanie Lee (guitar, vocals). Drummers in the lineup included Mike Yannich, experimental musician Heth (also known as ‘Dirt Bike Deano’ during the band’s run), and Tommy Vinton, from Too Much Joy. The Jersey City, NJ-based pop punk band was active from 1995 until the band’s breakup in 2005.

Dirt Bike Annie is best known for its albums such as ‘Show Us Your Demons’, ‘It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Single’, ‘Hit The Rock’, ‘Night of the Living Rock and Roll Creation’, ‘The Ellis Island Rendezvous’, and ‘The Wedding EP’.

Click here to view Fiat commercial.

Click here to audition RCR001, Roadside Couch Records v. 1 — Track 3.




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