PROMAX/BDA – A Glowing Success For FirstCom Music

FirstCom Music welcomed clients to the New York PROMAX/ BDA conference and their new 10 x 10 booth, which literally glowed.  The vibrant green light led the way to FirstCom Music’s new promo, imaging and sound design library DarkFly. 

DarkFly, originally introduced at the NAB in Las Vegas, is a forward-thinking music solution that future promos can’t survive without. Designed as an easily editable library with highly creative loops and mixouts, it’s actually a multi-library that ebbs and flows, peaks and cascades with every edit. DarkFly is available as a 2-DVD set (one, a bonus disc featuring the best of FirstCom Music’s AXS series) or as a boxed 5-CD set.


FirstCom Music also introduced their newest offerings in TV News packages.  All six packages are designed to boost ratings, while giving stations the flexibility and creative control they need to have a unique presence in their market.


DarkFly and TV News & Custom Scores demos can be auditioned at


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