FirstCom Music Signs Exclusive Deal With Bryan New

FirstCom Music, a leading provider of music services, is pleased to announce the signing of an exclusive music deal with Producer/Composer Bryan New.

Bryan New, whose professional discography reads like a who’s who of innovative pop and rock (including The Cure, Massive Attack, Jonathan Butler, Pop Will Eat Itself, Dub War, Def Leppard, Yes, Whitesnake, and The Cars, to name a few), has signed a special composing and production contract with FirstCom Music, Dallas. New’s End Game (SEE004) was overwhelming received and touts placements in trailers for blockbuster movies like “National Treasure: Book of Secrets”, “Superman Returns”, “Miami Vice”, “Invincible”, “ZOOM”, and “16 Blocks”.


“Bryan creates music that is incredibly powerful and irresistible,” said Ken Nelson, Senior Vice President/Executive Producer – FirstCom Music. “We are very pleased and excited for the opportunity to deliver this outstanding talent and musical genius to FirstCom Music’s clients on an exclusive basis.”


SEE008 – Countdown: Total Annihilation, the next must-have release for New in the SEE Trailer Track Library, will be available July 11th at


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