FirstCom Music’s James Bunton Co-Writes McCartney’s Top Ten Billboard Hit “Leavin’”

FirstCom Music congratulates James Bunton, artist and composer for Chronicles of Hip Hop, for his Billboard Top Ten Hit “Leavin’”.  The song “Leavin’,” performed by Jesse McCartney, became one of the biggest singles in Hollywood Records history, #1 for six weeks on Top 40 radio with over 10,000 spins, and charted as high as #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Bunton, also known as “The Movement,” is featured on FirstCom’s Chronicles of Hip Hop COHH-3 Hip Hop R’N’B Old Skool


About James Bunton and The Movement:

Bunton got his start in music working for Mark and Chris “Tricky” Stewart (“Umbrella”, “Touch My Body”).  It was through this experience he was able to watch and learn from some of best producers and songwriters in the game from Laney Stewart, Kevin “KD” Davis The – Dream, Kuk Harrell, Tab Nkhereanye, Robin Thicke, Sean Hall.

It wasn’t until 2000 that his career as a songwriter/producer really took off.  “I met my partner Corron Cole and we formed the The Movement in 2001,” says Bunton. “We just instantly clicked and started this music journey. We had our growing pains. It was not easy, but we stayed committed to each other and our vision and each day, week, and year we got better in our craft.”  They got their first break when they met and started doing work for Cudda Love, CEO of Fo Reel Ent. Through that journey they did Mase’s “Welcome Back” plus three other songs on the LP. They also worked with Lloyd (“Hey Young Girl”), Olivia featuring 50 Cent (“Cloud 9”), and Prima J (“Rockstar”), but the ultimate break came when they wrote and co-produced “Leavin” for Jesse McCartney.


They have projects on the horizon for Lionel Richie, Pleasure P (ex-lead singer of Pretty Ricky), Colby O’Donis, Velvet Angels, and many more. 



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