FirstCom Music Signs Exclusive Music Agreement with Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc.

Deal Supports Both Companies’ Mutual Green Initiatives


FirstCom Music, a leading provider of music services, is pleased to announce that they have entered into an exclusive music agreement with Nexstar Broadcasting Group.  FirstCom Music will be the sole production music provider for Nexstar Broadcasting Group’s commercial and promo production. This single source music solution will simplify contract processing and centralize all production music for Nexstar’s owned and operated markets.  “The FirstCom partnership is an example of how Nexstar is committed to providing the best tools on the local level to support our local clients,” said Blake Russell, Nexstar’s Vice President of Marketing and Operations.


One of the tools available to Nexstar producers includes full access to the DarkFly Promo Library. This new library features 250 promo beds + 50 sound design production elements geared towards powerful promos, imaging, and sound design.  Additionally, producers will have the ability to search tracks online via their virtual library at  FirstCom Music’s powerful proprietary online search engine, MusiQuick™, will offer Nexstar producers the flexibility to build searches based on any combination of mood, style, or tempo to find the right cut for their production.  A dynamic project management tool will also be available to help producers stay organized while working on multiple projects.  This tool allows producers to save and share project searches with other users, and even email audio files directly to their clients for their feedback.  Finally, Nexstar producers will have access to John Lentz, FirstCom’s professional music director.  The expertise of a professional music director will provide an unparalleled asset to busy producers.  “Nexstar has made a strong commitment to their stations by strategically aligning themselves with a music industry leader that has the resources to be their exclusive music provider,” said Carol Riffert, Vice President/General Manager, FirstCom Music. “We can deliver the depth and variety of music they need to be creatively competitive in the marketplace, as well as provide tools that will increase their productivity.”


Adding to the already attractive allure of FirstCom Music’s 140,000 tracks was their environmentally-friendly online delivery option. “It was an added bonus to offer our stations a music solution that supported both our eMedia and NexstarGREEN initiatives,” said Mr. Russell.  FirstCom’s own environmental commitment is paving the way to a disc-less industry.  In the last year, FirstCom has taken steps that will eliminate the need for over 30,000 demo discs via their electronic delivery methods. Although all of FirstCom’s 18 libraries are currently available via CD, it is their intent that clients will embrace electronic delivery as a convenience, as well as a good environmental measure.


About Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc.


Nexstar Broadcasting Group currently owns, operates, programs or provides sales and other services to 50 television stations in 29 markets in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, Texas, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama and New York. Nexstar’s television station group includes affiliates of NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, MyNetworkTV and The CW and reaches approximately 8.2% of all U.S. television households.


About FirstCom Music


FirstCom Music, a leading music services provider, offers the most comprehensive musical selection worldwide with more than 140,000 tracks in the following libraries: FirstCom Music®, Chappell® Recorded Music, Chronicles of Hip Hop, MusicHouse®, OneMusic®, AccessMusic®, Connect®, Chappell® European Classical Series, EVOSM, DarkFly™, Gotham Music®, GalerieSM, Headspace®, HollywoodMusic®, NoisePump LTD, See Trailer TracksSM, TotalAccess®/Vivid!® and VelocitySM.


Founded in 1980, FirstCom Music was the first to release production music libraries on compact disc. Today, FirstCom Music produces and markets music services for television, radio and audio/visual industries in the U.S. and abroad. FirstCom Music is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with offices in Los Angeles.


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