FirstCom Music’s newest releases! 14 Brand New Discs!

The new update of music is here! 14 amazing discs packed with tons of fresh, current real music! Read a little about each disc and then click here, sit back, relax and let the music move you!

RCR004 – “Mixtape1 A mix tape of songs from Indie artists, contains a variety of genres including alt rock, hip hop, acoustic rock and synth pop
SEE009 – “Ghetto Blaster Intense, beat driven hip hop scores for inner city hard core urban trailers and promos

VL-95 – “#1 With A Bullet25 heaters divided between the hottest Urban radio blend and the perfect tools for sports highlights and promos. Throw an iconic rapper on the cuts representin’ the first half of the disc and you got platinum hits. Chop up your highlight package over the back half of the disc and you have the youth market cornered.

VL-96 – “Urban Cowgirl Urban Cowgirl is where American TV turns pop stars into the new country icons. Slick, polished and ready for the charts; these cuts reflect the new attitudes that have shaped modern country radio and the sensibilities that take the aww shucks of the country flavor and get her ready for her close up.

OM131L – “Cool Commercials – EclecticA collection of tracks representing various moods and genres with a focus on the contemporary commercial advertising market. These tracks add great support for dialog or situation driven concepts.

OM130L – “Indie FilmscoreAn exploration of the art house cinema filmscore sound which is widely heard in modern independent film. These left-of-center cues take you through every emotion in a tasteful and subtle fashion.

MH058 – “Epic IndieGloriously uplifting indie pop. Plangent chords, emotive melodies and stadium-rock rhythms

MH057 – “Scored BeatsBig breaks, cinematic strings and hi-octane electronic dance floor mayhem

GM123 – “Tasty Hip Cues A mixture of cool, hip, funky club, lightly produced music beds, ultra-tasty and yummy good for everyday use
GM122 – “Ka-Pow!”

Adrenaline pumping, ferocious metal rock, high impact news, exciting heart-racing promo stuff

EVO128 – “Design Driven

Unpretentious underscores to enhance and complement forward motion, confidence and insight for business and media apps

EVO128 – “Ultimate Underscores Positive, acoustic driven underscores, for commercials and promos projecting an energetic, optimistic mood

AM061 – “Hip Hop Beats and Promos
On the money current collection of ready and real hip hop, and pop beats, loops and drops, no vocals just the beats for spots and promos, highlights, sports segments, bumpers and drama

AM060 – “News PromotionNews and information themes, underscores, human interest, drama, urgent news opens and promos


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