16 Brand New Albums To Make Your Productions Shine!

We’ve just released the newest update of new music! 16 brand new albums that encompass a ton of different styles/genres to make your productions stand out from the rest!

Read a bit more about each one below and click the album covers to audition! Stay tuned to http://www.firstcom.com/ for the newest and freshest music! Make sure to catch us at this year’s NAB Show held at the Las Vegas Convention Center at booth #SL8715.

EVO141 – Nashville Sessions
Back to the basics, new country rock featuring the best country session players in Nashville, no frills all out country jams

VL-103 – Drama After Dark
Mood-enhancing grooves and dark urban soundscapes. The production approach puts this disc at the cutting edge of helping producers move the crowd when it comes to heavyweight drama

VL-102 – The Cool Kids
A reflection of the post-irony youth trend of embracing 80s synth elements and production approaches and marrying it with dance rock and modern sonics and fidelity. An ill combination that only the cool kids could deliver

OM141 – Cool Commercials: Guitar Intros Acoustic
A collection of ultra-extended, contemporary alternative rock intros with a focus on acoustic guitar and other organic instrumentation

OM139 – FX In the Mix: Redux
A unique collection of tracks that explore the combined use of sound effects and music to create ‘audio scenery’. Some tracks take a cinematic approach, while others employ the sound effects in a rhythmic, musical fashion.

NPM-F34 – Dance Moods
The club floor comes alive with the punctuating beats and smooth vibes from this collection of dance music. Everything from hard hitting, four on the floor sizzlers to hip hop, techno, dance/pop, house, trance, Eurodance, ambient and more.

NPM-A19 – Creative Expression
Acoustic, electronic atmospheres

GM-128 – Gotham Rap 2
Hard hitting NY rap, gangsta dramatic moods depicting urban underscores (explicit lyrics)

GM-128 – Positive Rock/Moody Guitars
Huge monster positive rock themes, plus moody guitars for scoring a darker flavor with a twist

GAL087 – Whistle Up!
Indie pop, jazz moods, lone whistler, march, glamour

GAL089 – Buddy Movie
Music for R-rated movies, teen movies, buddy movies, soul vibes, pop punk, datapop, wild rock

CHAP353 – World 24
Breaking news: This dangerous and beautiful world

CHAP351 – Luxury & Power
Money: how to make it and how to spend it

CHAP348 – Intense Underscores
To the edge and back, dramatic, energetic underscores


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