FirstCom Music, a leading provider of production music services, is pleased to announce the addition of the MasterSource catalog to their collection of libraries. “This is a fantastic opportunity for our clients,” says Carol Riffert – Vice President/General Manager for FirstCom Music. ”FirstCom has always offered a strong musical selection. Now, with the addition of MasterSource we are further fulfilling the music needs of our film and television clients. Additionally, MasterSource clients will benefit from easy access to the powerful depth and variety found in the FirstCom Music libraries.”

MasterSource was founded in the early ‘90s by Marc Ferrari, a well-known musician who achieved acclaim with major-label bands Keel and Cold Sweat. Ferrari designed the library to feature original songs with vocals, composed and produced by A-list talent. Today, the library features over 400 different artists and over 8,000 tracks. “I am extremely excited that MasterSource is joining the FirstCom family of libraries, a match made in musical heaven,” says Marc Ferrari – President of MasterSource. “I am looking forward to working with the amazing FirstCom Music team as we strive to develop innovative ways to synergize the two libraries and continue the first-class client support that has made MasterSource and FirstCom Music leaders in the production music industry.”

For the next few months the MasterSource library will continue to be available for download via Eventually the library will be added to and the user profiles transferred. “We are working very diligently behind the scenes to ensure that this is an easy and seamless transition for our MasterSource clients,” says Riffert. “Clients who have questions about their account are encouraged to contact their account executive.”

Recent MasterSource film credits include:

Dear John
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
The Blind Side
The Messenger
The Tooth Fairy
It’s Complicated
Everybody’s Fine
Valentine’s Day
About FirstCom Music
FirstCom Music, a leading music services provider, offers the most comprehensive musical selection worldwide with more than 140,000 tracks in the following libraries: FirstCom Music®, Chappell® Recorded Music, Chronicles of Hip Hop, MasterSource®, MusicHouse®, OneMusic®, AccessMusic®, Connect®, Chappell® European Classical Series, EVOSM, DarkFly™, Gotham Music®, GalerieSM, Headspace®, HollywoodMusic®, NoisePump LTD, SEE Trailer TracksSM and VelocitySM.

Founded in 1980, FirstCom Music was the first to release production music libraries on compact disc. Today, FirstCom Music produces and markets music services for television, radio and multimedia uses in the U.S. and abroad. FirstCom Music is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with offices in Los Angeles.


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