New Music for November/December!

Check out our latest installment of ‘real music’! 17 New Albums of awesomeness to fill all your fall production needs! Audition them here!

AM066 Songs, Riffs and Grooves for Promos
Youth rock, indie and vocal themes for promos featuring an energetic, driving performance

CHAP358 Michael Nyman- Piano, Vol. 1
Simple, beautiful works for solo piano and string quartet

CHAP359 Guitar Revival 3
The indie generation

CHAP363 The Songs The Things
Spectacular showtime hits and jazz ballads

EVO135 Spanish Heart, Latin Soul
From the continent, to the Caribbean, Latin American to Iberia, a collection of music styles from Spanish Classical to Latin Jazz and Rock

EVO142 The Austin Project
The hazy heat of summer, music drifting down the alley’s of Austin, from garage bands to street performers to clubs, bringing the live music capital of the world to life

EVO147 Ready for the Radio
A cross section of contemporary pop/rock. “The” ubiquitous jam of the moment. From the emotive, earnest guitar lead rocker to the up-tempo get ’em jumping party starter, R4TR will lend your images the chart-topping, fame-sounding sheen.
EVO148 Soaring Rock Anthems
Building, anthemic rock, inspiring, emotional power, hopeful, celebratory, humble beginnings to soaring grooves, classic to current rock

GM136 Slam Bam Powerbeds
Smack in your face, hard hitting action trailers, energized and electrified fashion and celebrity-driven music beds

GM137 Psychological Drama
Mind-altering mood settings for emotional breakdowns and rebounds, investigative and urban docu-dramas

MH073 Acoustic Sunshine
Sun-soaked, uplifting, summery, acoustic indie and pop

MH074 Cinematic Indie
Epic, sweeping, indie rock to uplift and inspire

OM147 Investigative Reporter
Ethereal/ambient tracks that build tension and suspense in very cinematic ways

OM148 Big Sports
A driving, high intensity presentation with a mix of marching band instruments, drumline and orchestral elements creates a unique high impact wall of sound

SEE013 Massive Percussion
Massive percussion and drums, global intrigue, chase, tribal fury, war and mayhem all in one unique collection
VL110 Big Bank
Chart-topping pop music is the sound of money, and nothing is stacking chips on the pop charts right now like rap, R&B and club sounds. Big Bank takes all the latest trends in these styles and delivers the big dough featuring the production touches of super-producer S1, the co-producer of Kanye West’s single “Power.” That’s a way to make your money talk.
VL111 Rambunctious
Off-the-charts energy and hyper-kinetic reckless abandon is the order of the day as this project bounces through a myriad of rock styles at a breakneck pace to deliver music for those in need of a jolt. From skate rock to arena riffs, we’re rockin’ all night and keepin’ everybody up with us.

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