New Releases Announced!

The NEW has just launched and along with it, we’ve released 17 new albums– audition them all here!
CHAP360 Journeys Through History
Epic orchestral and simple documentary soundtrack
Click here to audition

CHAP361 Chappell Score – Retro Advertising
Chappell Vault Series. Handpicked gems, full of character and perfect for advertising
Click here to audition

CHAP365 The Golden Age of Musicals
Chappell Vault Series. The music and glamour of Hollywood’s finest hour. Show openers, love songs, jazzy ditties, family fun and big western sounds of the silver screen
Click here to audition 

EVO149 Killing the Classics
Brutal beats and twisted revisions of well known classics
Click here to audition

EVO150 Positive Promos
Uplifting tracks full of energy and optimism
Click here to audition

GAL093 Le Kitsch Cabaret
Magical, mysterious or funny, let me introduce to you: Le Kitsch Cabaret! Let the show begin!
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GM138 Big Positive Stuff 2
Full production piano underscores for retail, magazine reality shows, advertising, light sports and corporate events
Click here to audition 

HM-093 Film Archive 1 – Classic Pop and Film
From the archives, classic pop, film noir and authentic period styles
Click here to audition

HM-094 Film Archive 2 – Familiar Tunes and Cheesy Muzik
From the archives, classical favorites, elevator music and well known tunes
Click here to audition
HM-095 American Spirit
Inspiring, emotional, uplifting, poignant, vocal underscores
Click here to audition

MSTR218 Rock/Metal
Up the hammers, it’s pedal to the metal time! Arena rock slammers guaranteed to get you stage-diving with the best of them
Click here to audition

MSTR219 Alternative Rock
A truly eclectic mix of indie rock, indie pop and alternative
Click here to audition

MSTR220 Singer-Songwriter
Raw passion, thoughtful, introspective lyrics and beautiful melodies
Click here to audition

MH076 Rock N Riff
Cool, riff-led rock n’ roll from retro to now
Click here to audition

OM149 Tinkerville
Fun and whimsical melodies with arrangements that feature toy instruments
Click here to audition

OM150 Emotional Stories
Challenge and hope, pensive feel to an uplifting celebration of joy
Click here to audition

VL112 Dark Spheres (Shadow’s Revenge)
Moody and bursting with tension, edgy grooves will knock you off balance
Click here to audition

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