New Releases for March/April 2011

Check out our latest releases- from cheeky jazz to dance mash-ups and high energy electro to lighthearted instrumentals with a kick of Latin flare! Audition them all here!

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CHAP366 Gypsy Jazz
Cheeky and bouncy swing jazz
CHAP368 Serene Documentary
Beautiful music for beautiful pictures
CHAP368Latin Flavors
Fresh Latin rock, hip-hop, pop-salsa, and Latin dance fusions for commercials, promos and lifestyles

EVO156 Hybrid Cinema 1
 Creative docu-scores featuring dramatic beats infused with orchestra







GM139 Cool Young Stuff 7
User-friendly rock beds with a positive twist, Gotham style








GM140 Emotional Baggage
Over 40 cues constructed to aide in expressing happy, sad, reflective, regretful and sincere moments in storytelling







HM-096 Gleefully
Happy songs, vocals, singing, group vocal performances, love, Glee club high school fantasy, inspiring, indie

MH070 Sonic Textures
Sonic textural soundscapes and sound design. Minimal beds and pulses








 MH072 Positively Chilled
Your positive chilled soundtrack to back rooms, bars and beach fronts

NPM-E25 Hispanic Groove
Latin grooves from Flamenco to Dance to Spaghetti Western and from folk to sophisticated stylesFrom the archives, classical favorites, elevator music and well known tunes
NPM-E28 Laptop Folk
Quirky, glitch folktronica with a smile. Cute, lo-fi, homemade happiness. Fun and carefree

OM152 Sportstronica 5
Another installment of the extremely popular and highly effective Sportstronica series, containing high-energy electro tracks, perfect for extreme sports

OM153 Romantic Comedy
Quirly, lighthearted instruments for couples, romance, comedy and funny situations

VL113 Army of Thrash
Metal up your ash

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