Music And Technology – A Winning Combination

As a kid, I marveled at Hanna-Barbera’s “The Jetsons.” I just knew the future would yield amazing technological advances that would create all sorts of free time.  As it turned out, technology did come together in ways that made it possible for me to work faster and create high-quality communications and projects with extreme efficiency.  The missing piece of the “amazing technology puzzle” is the free time.

The music industry is an excellent example of how our world has been literally transformed by technology.  Marvelous possibilities have unfolded over the years. From pioneers like Les Paul, whose experiments in multi-track recording led to many industry changing innovations, to online services such as iTunes®, which allows music lovers to download their favorite song to a mobile device from virtually anywhere.  Your favorite tunes, organized in a custom playlist, on demand …even the Jetsons would be envious.

The production music industry is also a big winner when it comes to technological advances.  We’ve gone from hand splicing audio tape to dragging and dropping high-quality audio files into a non-liner workstation and creating custom music mixes in a snap.  Via sites such as, producers can quickly search for music, create their own custom playlist, share their creative audio vision with their colleagues, and download the music they need in minutes. Digital audio has truly created limitless creative possibilities for producers who want to be on the cutting edge.  Plus, with the extra time that producers save in searching for just the right music, they can likely squeeze in a few more creative projects.  Hey, who knows, maybe one day the trade off for free time will be flying cars.

In our pursuit to streamline our work and our lives we must remember that technology is simply a tool.  True excellence and innovation comes from the creativity and inspiration of humans.  We invite you to explore the power of production music to spark your creativity and inspire your next innovative communications project.  Audition today at the new

Cristy Hyatt Coffey – Marketing Manager/FirstCom Music


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