New Production Music- 21 albums!

Check out our latest releases- from hip hop funk to smooth jazzy to blues rock and honky tonk twang to Cuban salsa with a throwback to old school!

Listen to them all here!


CHAP338 New York, New York

Chappell Vaults Series. Archive recordings with a New York theme.


CHAP362 Filmic Scene Setters

Chappell Vaults Series. Cinematic shorts


CHAP364 Cold War Stories

Chappell Vaults Series. Spy themes, espionage and music from the Eastern Block

NUGGETS03 Herbaliser

Breaks, sampledelia, hip hop and funk from the legendary Herbaliser

EVO154 Epic Album Rock

Big anthemic analog studio throwbacks, when concept albums were events

EVO155 Electropop

Flashy pop dance chart topping electro fashion synth club anthems


EVO157 Big Swampy

Bayou blasting southern fried blues rock featuring Duck McDonald


GAL094 Movers & Shakers

22 get up & go tracks to cure your laziness!


GAL095 Pocket Melodies

The creative-simple-naive-poetic-oddball-quirky-childish-abstract-magic-minimalism-dreamy-cinematic album!


GM141 The Big Win

Big bold orchestral and inspirational for sports, politics, reality game shows and war


GM142 Funk This

Another yummy mix of funky, jazzy tunes to make any show exciting and fun

MSTR224 Dance Club

Dancehall-influenced Electro, grinding Techno, and euphoric House!

MSTR225 Country

Country is back. With a vengeance! Grand Ole Opry Shuffles, Honkey-Tonk Twangers, and Contemporary Hoedowns all on one awesome disc!

MSTR226 Latin

Traditional Merengue, Cuban Salsa, Contemporary Latin Pop, and Mexican Modern Rock.

OM151 Hook Line Songs

Feel good, upbeat songs in pop rock styles, image hooklines with maximum appeal


OM154 Classic Southern Rock

Classic rock guitars and scorching twin leads with a hint of a twang takes you to the sweet home south.


OM155 Tightrope

Suspense, thriller tracks that will leave you hanging on the edge with anticipation.


RCR006 Roadside Café: Indie Girls

The definitive collection of girl songs, soulful blues to indie folk to quirky singer-songwriter performances.


SEE013 Exotic Drums

Massive percussion and drums, global intrigue, chase, tribal fury, war and mayhem all in one unique collection

VL114 Avalanche

Buzzy driving intense electro for action sports and urban hipster lifestyles.

VL115 Groove Noir

Post modern breakbeats, capturing the tension and anxieties in new era dramas and indie film aesthetic


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