New Releases for July/August 2011!

We’ve just released our latest batch of new releases- from sports themes to belly dances to orchestral strings and garage guitar rock to early Christmas with a touch of general decadence!

Audition them all here!

CHAP367 Ambient Electronica

Ultra Chilled Dreamy Electronica

CHAP370 Experiments In Bass

Infusion into low end frequencies- be prepared for some shakin’speakers!

EVO159 Stories: Mixed Moods

A variety of themes and underscores for reality, drama, emotion and investigative storytelling.


EVO160 Cinematic Beats

Massive big hanging beats, modern drama, reality, fantasy, glitch, electronic, tragically hip

EVO161 Indie Classical

Creative and accessible featuring a hybrid of traditional and modern ensembles from emotional, documentary to motivating and energetic

GM143 Dancelicious

Dance/club style


HM-097 Dramedy

Reality TV housewives and made up conflicts with a quirky twist. Quirky, perky, playful cues for Reality TV and light drama


EVO158 Sexy 2: Club/Pop/Fashion

Sensual, intimate, club culture, fashion, scandal and general decadence


MSTR227 Reggae

Just listening to this CD will get you irie! Classic roots, dancehall styles and ska styles


MSTR228 Exotic Lands

This release has everything: Hindu love songs, Congolese folk, Arabic belly dances, Chinese storytelling and much, much more

MSTR229 Sports Themes

Our sports themes were inspired by the bone-crunching conquest, life-changing glory and career-ending defeat of professional athletes everywhere


MH075 Nu Jazz Sounds

An eclectic mix of breaks, jazz, hip hop, soul and funk. The sound of jazz for the nu jazz generation

MH077 Angels and Antlers

All your holiday necessities wrapped up in one sweet package


MH078 Stereogum

Fun and funky tracks that are sure to stick in your ears

MH079 Hi-Octane Strings

High impact orchestral strings and action-packed break beats


OM158 Urban Christmas

A festive disc of holiday music supported by urban hip hop beats


OM160 Liquid Dreamz

Intriguing electro-acoustical underscores invoking the dramatic to the reflective in nature and life

RCR007 Roadside Café: Indie Girls v2

Part 2 of the definitive collection of girl songs, soulful ballads to indie folk. Intimate rich performances.

SEE014 Asylum

Suspense, thriller tracks that will leave you hanging on the edge with anticipation.


VL-116 Sweat It Out

Down and dirty garage guitar rock. Grinding away with blue collar, DIY ass-kickin attitude. White boy blues and a dash of post-modern garage soul.

VL-117 White Label (Supa Edits Remixed)

22 vibrant 60 second dance floor gems featuring a little house, electroclash, techno and a massive boost of energy for any promo or feature in need of 4-on-the-floor good life



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