New Releases for Fall Productions!

Check out our latest NEW RELEASES for September/October 2011!

Audition them all at


AM068 Back After This

Bumpers, returns, transitions, cues, promo helpers


CHAP372 Mind Matters

A study of the mind, brain and behavior


CHAP373 Crossing The Border

World Cinema


COHH-08 RadioLand

DJ Skee presents BDM: modern, independent, new culture hip hop, R&B Pop

COHH-09 Beautiful Life

DJ Skee presents BDM: modern, independent, new culture hip hop, R&B Pop


EVO151 American Postcard

New music from the Master of the fiddle, Darol Anger. A genre bending collection of fresh country, jazz, rock, folk and Americana

EVO153 College Spirit

Big sports themes featuring live drum corps and hybrid pep band, rock and orchestra

GAL096 Brass Up

The Ultimate Brassy Collection. 17 inspired tracks to dynamize your programs


GM144 Underscores That Build

All the songs start very subtle then gradually build to a positive climax


HM-099 Paranormal

Underscores for mystery, unusual stories, investigative storytelling, paranormal, the spirit world


MSTR230 Reality Show

From rousing orchestral thriller to dramatic tension to light feel-good pop rock, our seventh Reality Show compilation has everything you need for that zany contest show or modern romance


MSTR231 Cocktail Piano

Somber ballads, speakeasy jaunts, Calypso grooves and light waltzes from the 30s to the 60s

MSTR232 Saloon Piano

The Western is back and this CD is here to herald it. Saloon sounds to compliment any scene in that bar-brawling, gun-toting, damsel-rescuing, classic American genre


MH080 Chilled Grooves

The late-night, laid-back sound of sublime chillout

MH081 Intelligent Universe

Sonic explorations of science, technology and the natural world

MH082 90s Dancefloor Classics

All your favorite 90s club sounds

MH083 Fever Pitch

Rowdy rock, full-on electro and hard hitting beats for high impact sports


MH084 Minimal Indie

The atmospheric sound of indie past midnight

MH085 Mixtape

Eclectic collective of quality tunes from rockin’ indie to minimal classical and everything in between


MH086 Hyper Scored Beats: The Next Cut

Dark beats, cinematic strings and adrenaline-fuelled electro

MH087 Folk, Tweed and Rock N’ Roll

Rockin’, rustic, nu-folk, indie homespun goodness


OM156 Evil Slideshow

Creepy carnival gypsy atmosphere. Eclectic instrumentation, quirky horror animation produces the sound of a carnival gone bad


OM157 Transitions

Simple rock themes that transition from negative to positive moods with a burst of energy


VL118 Baaaaaadddddd Man: Funky Stuff 3

Multiple funk styles are covered from the butler era 70s sounds to modern day funk production spawned from hip-hop


VL119 The Epic! Massive Modern Rock

Modern rock that hits ‘em where it counts


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