Our latest batch of music covering all your production needs. Audition them all at now!

AM070 Political Politics

From the sublime to the ridiculous,
just like American politics. Simple down home heroes, transitions, dark
negative attack ads and political satire and pundits
DF15 Fringe Element

New York sound designer, Chris Jones,
and crew, blend up a punchy promo stew that will grab the most jaded media
consumer and shake them silly. Sound Design, Promos, FX
EVO158 Panoramic
Soaring tradition style strings and orchestral works deliver the perfect
soundtrack for nature, pastoral, panoramic, vistas and flyover scenes in a
film score setting
EVO162 Acoustic Underscores

folk to acoustic underscores. Creative and quirky, folk-country, comfortable,
positive and happy. Ad music, vocals and hook lines
EVO163 Rock Inspired

Creative indie and alt rock
themes, simple riffs to big anthems, hopeful, inspiring, energy, forward
motion and building
GM146 Underscores That Build 2

Another batch of songs that
start very subtle, and then gradually build to a positive climax. It’s like
having 2 songs in one
GM147 Body Jamming

Fun and powerful dance
tunes to achieve maximum peak performance, adrenaline pounding, cardio
pumping to work your core strength
HM-100 Big Hollywood Hip-Hop

dollar hip-hop, vocals, urban poets, message lyrics, big production,
orchestral hip-hop, brassy, bouncy and bold
MH088 Euphoric Dance

Euphoric, feel-good electro, house and
trance anthems to get you ready for the weekend
MH089 Vintage Reggae

The authentic sound of Sixties ska and
Seventies reggae dynamite. Real musicians, old-school recording and extra
niceness to help liven up yourself
MH093 Klezmer Klash

A whirlwind tour of Jewish, Balkman,
and Eastern music
OM159 Scene Setters

Scene Setters is a must for all
editors. 150 bumper, transitions and moods for all emotions and scenes.
Animation, comedy, drama, suspense
OM161 Rock Built Tough

Aggressive, dirty, distorted, fuzzy,
crunchy, biting, heavy, rock, sports, outdoor sports

Four-On-Tha-Floor slick urban dance
pop to keep every club, bar and late-night mix pumpin’ till the breakadawn
VL-121 Velocity U

So hip, so diverse, so indie, the
cutting edge of campus sounds

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