Audition them all at starting Friday, February 17

CHAP386 Italiano

 Chappell Vaults Series: Mama Mia! It’s Fantastico

CHAP387 Tropical Jukebox

Vol. 1 ‘Island Spice’

Authentic vintage Calypso music. Twelve slices of irresistibly contagious sunshine sound

EVO165 Pop Ad Acoustics

Creative ad music, underscores and commercial rhythms, modern spot production

 EVO166 Deep Drama

 Human stories, emotion, redemption, hope, adversity, documentary, docu-drama, investigative storytelling

EVO168 Inspire

 Growing, evolving, building underscores and anthems.  Music that tells a story of triumph, inspiration, accomplishment, persistence, winning


GM148 Urgent Stories

 Perfect for drama promos, pulsing beds, building suspense and thrills

  GM149 Almighty America

 Patriotic, inspiring, powerful, orchestral, political and cinematic


  HM-101 Southern Gothic

 Dramatic archival styles and source music from the Southern U.S., from profane to sacred.  Blues, work songs, hymns, and more

MSTR233 Rock Metal 8

 Rockers delight! More chest-pounding, head-banging arena anthems and crowd pleasers to raise your heart rate to maximum overdrive

MSTR234 Reality Show 8

Don’t switch the channel! Our eighth installment of Reality TV-influenced themes covers all the bases from large orchestral to sparse tension to goofy and wacky


MH090 Global Explorer

Bringing the world’s most exciting travel locations to your ears

MH091 Rockability

A spectrum of retro rockabilly from twangin’ Gretsch-led fun to dark swamp-boogie

OM162 Political Advertising

 A collection of tracks for use in modern Political Advertising.  Provides the user with various musical tools for both positive and negative ads


OM163 Piano Power Rock

Positive rock-pop piano and guitar driven, building emotional anthemic, inspiring, big production

RCR008 Good Clean Fun

 Young, fun, flirty, quirky girl pop, singer-songwriter, indie girl

RCR009 College Indie

 College indie alternative pop songs, singer-songwriter, unsigned, post-pop indie


SEE014 Hero Rising

 Action,  adventure, heroics, super heroes, Epic to Dramatic Music for Motion Picture Advertising and Promos

VL122 Basketball Beats & Breaks

 Flavorful grooves ideal for hoops highlights or in game production, funk and hip-hop sounds. Great energy, fat beats – let the YouTube Highlight mix tape commence


VL123 Arena Aspirations

 Inspirational pop-rock with soaring guitars and arena aspirations.  Lush and layered, big and moving, great for sports promos or feature pieces about triumph in the face of adversity


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