Our newest releases are brimming with music
reflecting today’s trendy chart toppers to the classic must-have sounds for
Fall & seasonal productions. You’ll find everything from giant riffs for
hard-hitting football, energetic patriotic rock for youth-oriented political ads
and upscale underscores ideal for commercial spots. Audition them all at

Serial Killer
Intensely dark orchestral works and suffocating sound design-led ambiences
Ancient Empires
Majestic themes from ancient times echo out over the intrigue and suspense of religious rituals and fierce battles
Cultured Traveller
Exotic and beautiful. A grand and seductive travel soundtrack
Massive modern R&B, Hip Hop and Beats from the Masters
Extensive tools for News and Dramatic Promotion
Upscale Underscores
Luxurious and sophisticated compositions that depict the upscale lifestyle.  These gorgeous underscores will help sell any hi-end product or service for those with a taste for the good life.
Shuffle 4
Car Spots, luxury cars, trucks, family sedans, target marketing for urban and some Latin flavor…what advertiser doesn’t want that   Swag?
Down Home Christmas
Country, bluegrass, folk and more, down home, holiday music styles for an acoustic old time Christmas.
Happy Break Beats 2
A vitamin pack of various music genres in a break beat style. Sharply fit for TV and radio.
Dance Charts Underscores
Dancefloor, pop and hip hop hits in the latest trends. Instrumentals only for voice-over. Charts, dance, uplifting, trendy, party.
Pop Candy
Top charting pop tunes with positive messages, user-friendly instrumental music beds
Tension Dimensions
Designed for users to lay in these light repetitive drama beds that don’t get in the way of any scene. Lightly building with no big surprises or hits, just good beds that could easily stay in a scene for a long period of time
Golden Age of Pop
Classic pop sounds reminiscent of the 1960s/70s/80s. Timeless styles that are ideal for spot production, some with applicable lyric hooks
Asian Pop
From the far-East lands of China, Japan and Korea, current pop genres sung in each native language are spotlighted in these tracks
Patriotic Rock
The passion of American patriotism shines brightly in this collection of energetic rockers which captures the spirit of a proud nation in both music and lyric
Black Box Series: Tones & Drones
Drones, tones, atmospheres, backgrounds, otherworldly, mysterious, shimmering, pads, sustains: background audio atmospheres for any production. All of those sustained elements that help you build your promo or image piece by providing the right base for your copy and elements
Black Box Series: Drama Beds
Promo scores, rhythmic and dramatic beds and sonic ideas for sports, drama, and cinematic promotion.  Horror, drama, suspense, percussive, FX, Sound Design.  Percussive and dramatic, fast moving, tribal, intense.
Black Box Series: Hits, Booms & Accents
Thuds, Accents, Booms, Tones, Pads and Music Design. Perfect big impact promo elements and hits for Radio and TV audio production of all kinds including CHR, Imaging, sound design, animation and digital media
Black Box Series: Risers & Fallers
100 Elements of sweeps, flybys, rises and falls created by audio fanatics in their hybrid digital sound labs.  A sonic design toolkit for radio imaging, promotion and post production.
Black Box Series: Loops & Rhythm
Rhythmic, percussion and promo beds, fast moving basic  riffs for dynamic ear bending production.  Loop-able beds for the ultimate flexibility, compatible with all other BB2 volumes. For CHR, Radio, Imaging, Promo, Television and Theatrical.
Black Box Series: Sound Bites & FX
Glitch FX, accents, hits, metallic sounds, attention getters and general mayhem.  The ultimate toolkit for CHR radio promos, sound design, graphics and animation, over 130 elements
Black Box Series: Sweeps & Transitions
Sweepers, flybys, transitions, audio assaults and various stereo FX for fast moving promos and audio sweetening.  Add the element of motion and energy to any production; non-musical analog and digital synth FX and organic sonic manipulations all in one toolkit for quickly creating high impact audio imaging.
Gridiron Rock
Giant riffs fitting of bone-jarring hits from monster robot safeties, Grid Iron Rock brings the hard rock thunder and lightning to your pigskin programming.  A mixture of straight ahead modern rock and guitars and orchestra drama, its the perfect disc for Fall sports – which means FOOTBALL!
Graffiti Rock
Upbeat Indie Dance Rock fusing youthful energy with hipster synths sounds and chunky rhythm guitars over driving grooves.  Influenced by the great alternative 80s bands of the UK and in the vein of Two Door Cinema Club, Rapture and LCD Soundsystem



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