Featured Production Music: EVO185 – Super Happy!

It’s summertime and what better way to bring in the good vibes to any production than carefree, happy music. We’re talking super happy!

And we’re not just really pumped about the summer. We’re referring to one of this month’s new additions to our production music library: Super Happy! EVO185.


This collection of contemporary pieces utilizes the happiest instrument of them all – the ukulele. It’s used in a way that’s rarely been recorded before, beyond the typical Hawaiian sound, to highlight it in today’s perspective. These wonderfully pleasant tunes were created by award-winning composer and orchestrator, Geoff Levin.

Early in his career, Levin had his first success with a hit record. After touring extensively, he built his first recording studio composing fulltime. Levin’s work has been featured in numerous TV shows and movies. The projects he’s contributed music to have won over 90 Emmys and earned an Academy Award nomination. The talented composer not only plays the guitar and keyboards, he is also one of the founders of Celestial Navigations, the premiere storytelling group based in Los Angeles.

Tracks you’ll hear in Super Happy! include everything from classic swing uke to rock, reggae and slide uke. Perfect for all mediums!

If you are looking for fun music for film, promos, or ad spots – Super Happy! has something for you. To audition some of these new tunes, go here: Super Happy! And for more of FirstCom’s new music, be sure to visit our New Releases page!

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