Featured FirstCom Music Composer: Daniel Heath

The FirstCom Music libraries feature high quality production music, designed with producers in mind. Our award-winning composers and musicians contribute to our success in music production services. Today, we are shining the spotlight on one of our talented composers, Daniel Heath.

If you’ve had access to a radio, you’ve most likely heard “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey – the hauntingly beautiful song off of The Great Gatsby soundtrack (2013). What you probably didn’t know is that it was produced and arranged by Heath for the movie. Heath’s history with Del Rey’s music goes further, as he co-wrote her hit single, “Blue Jeans” from her successful sophomore album Born To Die (2012). He arranged most of the album and was also very involved in her following album, The Paradise Edition (2012).

Before collaborating with artists like Del Rey, Heath worked with film composer and music producer, Hans Zimmer. He landed the opportunity after he graduated from Berklee College of Music with two degrees in film scoring and composition. While working for Zimmer, Heath was a part of the music teams for Pirates of the Caribbean, The Da Vinci Code, and The Holiday. Over the years, he also worked alongside Blake Neely, doing music and sound design for TV shows The Mentalist and Traveler, and has had his music recorded by the London Studio orchestra, as well as the Budapest Symphony.

The multi-talented composer has worked with various artists and produced music for trailers, TV shows, and commercials – contributing to albums for several production music libraries such as FirstCom Music’s SEE Trailer Tracks library. His most recent work will be featured in our upcoming new release Cinematic Sci-Fi (SEE019), available 7/30 at http://www.firstcom.com/.

More of Daniel Heath’s recent credits are listed below:


Lana Del Rey, Born To Die: INTERSCOPE
“Blue Jeans” (Co‐wrote)
“Summertime Sadness” (Strings)
“Without You” (Strings)
“National Anthem” (Strings)

Lana Del Rey, The Paradise Edition
“Bel Air” (Co‐wrote and Produced)
“Ride” (Orchestral arranging)
“Body Electric” (Co‐produced, Orchestral arranging)
“Gods and Monsters” (Strings)
“Yayo” (Co‐produced, Orchestral arranging)
“American” (Orchestral arranging)
“Young and Beautiful” (Produced and arranged for “The Great Gatsby”)

Jenna Andrews: DEF JAM
“Desperado” (Co‐wrote and Produced)
“Kiss and Run” (Co‐wrote and Produced)
“I Didn’t Mean It” (Co‐wrote and produced)

Carly Rae Jepsen: INTERSCOPE
“Almost Said It” (Strings)

“Running” (Wrote and Produced)


Top Chef
Top Chef Masters
Top Chef Just Deserts
The Fashion Show
A Work Of Art
Real Housewives (Orange County and New York)
Kell On Earth
Interior Therapy
Launch My Line


Guinness 250 Years Anniversary
Underworld Awakening
The Hobbit
Seven Days In Eutopia
Mf Global
Snow White and the Huntsman (International)
Call Of Duty

Artists/Production/Song writing:

Lana Del Rey (Interscope)
Jenna Andrews (Def Jam/Island)
Allie McDonald
Audrianna Cole (Universal)
Matt Nathanson
The Pierces (Polydor)
Morgan Kibby (Mom + Pop)
Smoky (Def Jam)
The Mowglis (Island Def Jam)


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