“2 Guns” Features Music from our MasterSource Library

Action, comedy, bromance, and FirstCom Music – what more could you ask for from a summer movie? 2 Guns, the action-packed film starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, features placements from FirstCom Music’s MasterSource library!

MasterSource was founded in the early ‘90s by Marc Ferrari, a well-known musician and two-time recipient of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)’s “Special Writer Award.” Ferrari designed the music library to feature original songs with vocals, composed and produced by A-list talent. The MasterSource music catalog was added to the FirstCom Music libraries in 2010.

Today, MasterSource features ultra-contemporary, cutting-edge major label-quality collection of song-based cuts. It is among the world’s largest collection of vocal tracks in all genres. The FirstCom Music tracks placed in 2 Guns are: “All the Blues I Need” (MSTR103 #4), “Divorciada” (MSTR213 #11), and “Entregate” (MSTR138 #13).

2 Guns premieres Friday, August 2, but you can listen to the featured FirstCom Music tracks anytime by clicking on the album covers below or by visiting our MasterSource library page.







Check out more of our music for film and TV at firstcom.com!


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