New Production Music for July/August 2013

Audition our New Production Music today!

It’s A Beautiful Day (EVO200e)documentary-music
Charming, slightly quirky, evocative to simple underscores, rich, magical and unique scores from the Jonathan Elias Series
Big Sports Machine (EVO198)background-music-for-tv
High energy, aggressive sports promotion, reality games, heavy action, drama, power, conflict

The New Frontier (EVO201e)documentary-music-for-filmSmart, sophisticated, minimal, dramatic, inspired, motivating, creative scores from the Jonathan Elias Series

Inspire Me (GM164)music-libraries
Inspirational themes in a variety of styles, orchestral, soft tender piano and strings, rock, pop, easy listening, folk rock
Rock Inspired 2 (EVO196)music-for-film-and-tv
Building powerful cinematic rock, motivational, inspiring, dramatic, triumphant winners
Country 10 (MSTR254)music-for-commercialsC
Country music is flexing its popularity as many Country artists now dominate the Pop charts. Capture the styles of today’s top Country superstars with one down-home rockin’ collection
Rise & Shine (VL-137)music-licensing
Soaring anthems for sports features and sports programming promos. The perfect music for tales of comebacks, triumphs and championships in a mixture of musical styles for a sound that inspires and stirs the soul
Cinematic Sci-Fi (SEE019)music-for-trailers
Epic, alien atmospheres, intense horror, dramatic trailer and trailer FX, building, hybrid cinema
Dramedy 2 – The Sequel (HM-107)music-for-television
More playful, mischievous, quirky, cute, cunning, sly, silly, fun cues that straddle the line between drama and comedy
Emotional Landscapes (GM163)background-music
Emotional underscores that set the mood, ethereal & reality drama, heartfelt and sincere
Pop 1 (MSTR253)production-music-for-movies
The perfect sampling of radio-friendly commercial music that puts a smile on your face and jump in your step. Energetic, positive and good vibes.
Indie Rock 2 (MSTR252)music-for-tv
Aiming straight for the soul of today’s youth featuring tracks written and produced by Grammy-nominated writers and popular indie artists who push the envelope and inspire creativity.
Make It Bump (VL-135)advertising-music
Great grooves and funky beats perfectly suited for promos, ads and return cuts. Designed to satiate the desire to nod your head to a funky soul explosion. Beats that make it bump
A Renaissance Celebration (MHSR06)christmas-production-music
A festive collection of Renaissance and early classical works featuring authentic instruments. Created and produced by Mannheim Steamroller and featuring the London Symphony Orchestra
Vol. 8: Spy Themes Remixed (NUGGETS8)online-production-music
Classic spy themes from our archives given a twist with contemporary beats
Wonderful and Strange (CHAP406)firstcom-music-production-library-chappell-406
Creative soundworlds all wrapped up in a wondrous way!
Smile Again (MH108)music-production-services
A jar of handmade folk-pop happiness. Serve liberally
Pop Alternative (MH107)music-for-film-and-tv
Mesmerizing female-fronted and instrumental pop from the coolest fringes of the scene 
Extravagant Women 2 (GAL114)music-for-tv-commercials
Music for bright, attractive, joyful and ultra-feminine women
Pure Evil (UTS013)universal-trailer-series-music-library
Dark, disturbing contemporary horror
The Fear (BBCPM025)BBC-music-libraries
Who knows what evil lurks inside the minds of men? Dark, sinister horror and tension tracks
French Indie Club 2 (GAL115)music-for-movies
The French touch generation

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