Featured FirstCom Music Composer: John Dufilho

FirstCom Music’s new production music releases feature so many talented composers and musicians, we just had to shine the spotlight on another one. This week, we’re featuring John Dufilho – the songwriter, musician, engineer and producer.


Dufilho is not only known for writing and recording music for TV and films; he is also currently a member of The Deathray Davies (vocals, guitar), The Apples in Stereo (drummer) and I Love Math (vocals, guitar). He does it all, as he proved back in 2008 when he released the album John Singer Sergeant: Music & Songs of John. Dufilho wrote, recorded, played all the instruments, arranged and mixed the entire album. The final product included everything but his vocals, which he replaced with fellow musicians/friends like Kool and the Gang’s Sir Earl Toon, Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla and singer-songwriter Sarah Jaffe – to name a few.

The multi-instrumentalist has written and released 10 CDs in the past decade, including a self-titled solo CD which was considered for a Grammy nomination. Dufilho has performed all over the world and has made appearances on The Colbert Report and Late Night with Conan O’Brian.

The Dallas-based composer recently contributed to our Velocity music library new release, Rise & Shine (VL137). This multi-genre project features mainstream chart-topping styles fused with a soaring string orchestra. It is the result of a spirited collaboration with writers like Dufilho, as well as Aaron Kelley, James Driscoll, and Chris Penny.

Dufilho’s work can also be heard on other FirstCom Music albums, such as Zombie Rock (VL132), and Shuffle 5: A Retail Revolution (EVO181) and Shuffle 6: Spring Fling (EVO187). Visit our new releases page to audition FirstCom’s new music for production, including the album Rise & Shine.


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