Production Music Featured in Breaking Bad


The final season of Breaking Bad constantly kept viewers at the edge of their seats – scratch that, the ENTIRE series did. Vince Gilligan, the show’s creator, managed to get fans to both root for and fear main protagonist, Walter White (also known by his alias, Heisenberg“Say my name!”) throughout the show’s run. And last night, the series based and produced in Albuquerque, came to an end.

AMC’s critically-acclaimed show will go down as one of the greatest TV series, and while everyone is still buzzing about the ending (no spoilers here!), FirstCom Music would like to shift focus from the (blue) magic in the production, to the music behind it.

Production music in the series was phenomenal. And FirstCom Music is proud to be one of the production music libraries which contributed to the Emmy award-winning show’s track list. We did not just have one, but five tracks from our music libraries featured in the series final episodes.

Reminisce over each episode by listening to our FirstCom Music tracks featured in Breaking Bad’s fifth and final season:

Ep 509 Breaking Bad – “Blood Money” (mid-season premiere)

(CHAP157 #11)

Ep 511 Breaking Bad – “Confessions”

“A La Orilla Del Mar”
(MSTR152 #6)

Ep 511 Breaking Bad – “Confessions”

“Living The Dream”
(FC-U57 #13)

Ep 513 Breaking Bad – “To’hajiilee”

(NPM-B4 #9)

Ep 514 Breaking Bad – “Ozymandias”

“Floating Away”
(CHAPAV151 #21)


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