Album Review: Moderat – II

Question: What on earth is a Moderat? Ambient electronica fans would proudly tell you a Moderat is what you get when you mash together one half Berlin based techno artist Modeselektor and fellow German producer Apparat. Cliff Notes: Modeselektor + Apparat = Moderat.

Besides just an awesome name, the combination also results in some amazing music. Moderat’s first release in 2009 was excellent. “A New Error,” a tongue-in-cheek nod to the groups formation, has held its ground as not only a great stage setter for their self-titled album, but as amazing track, period. I will argue that “Bad Kingdom” accomplishes the same feat on Moderat – II.

Key Tracks: Bad Kingdom,” “Therapy,” and “This Time”

One listen to “Bad Kingdom” and you will be addicted. The grimy dub wobble bass riff acts as the glue to hold this great track together. The vocals are vivid and airy, as are the drum sounds clear and defined. The whole work is crystal clear and without that sub bass grime would definitely be to clean. The same could be said with the rest of the album. You get a slew of clear tech house sounds, synths and rhythms, but their is always an outlier, an effect or irregularity that makes each track work. That is what makes Moderat – II great. Other artists in this genre will release track after track of overproduced, 100% in key, “perfection.” That is all well in good, but I believe that is what turns a great many fans away from the genre. Their mantra: “It all sounds the same!” Not Moderat. This is different.

– Joseph Noga
Account Executive, Education | FirstCom Music

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