Album Review: HAIM – Days Are Gone

Who doesn’t like a good sister story? The three Haim sisters, Danielle, Alana and Este, were raised in a family band setting. Pursuing a life in music was always the plan. It should then be no surprise that they grew up to create the band HAIM. Their pre-album singles “The Wire,” “Falling” and “Don’t Save Me” have seen great international acclaim. Days Are Gone, HAIM’s first full length album, was officially released yesterday. As one of the most anticipated and hyped albums of 2013, you would hope that it delivers the goods. It does.

Key Tracks: My Song 5,” “The Wire,” and “Days Are Gone”

I could see every last ones of the songs on this album not only hitting your hot 100 FM station, and sticking around for a very while. HAIM bridges the gaps other similar acts face with explicit lyrics and limited genre appeal. You can’t help but feel this bright shimmer radiating off of the entire album. The hints of folk, pop, electro, epic rock, and Tegan & Sara style harmonies create a very unique sound that will leave you wanting more. It’s upbeat and positive without being obnoxious about it, which is a difficult feat. It’s groovy. It’s pop. It’s rockin’. It’s good. It’s HAIM.

– Joseph Noga
Account Executive, Education | FirstCom Music

Production Music Albums In This Style:


Rock Inspired
Creative indie and alt rock themes, simple riffs to big anthems, hopeful, inspiring, energy, forward motion and building


Pop Alternative
Mesmerizing female-fronted and instrumental pop from the coolest fringes of the scene.


Emotional Anthemic Rock II
Powerful, melodic rock, full of building emotion


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