Album Review: Kaskade – Atmosphere

Any sort of EDM fan knows Kaskade. He has been producing chart-topping house singles for right at a decade now. In 2011, he released Fire & Ice which peaked at #1 for Top Electronic Albums and remained at the top of that list through 2012 AND 2013. This accomplishment should be no surprise as the album’s celebrity contributors consisted of Skylar Grey, Rebecca & Fiona, Mindy Gledhill, Skrillex, Marcus Bentley, and most importantly KASKADE. The album had an almost Calvin Harris quality, where almost all of the tracks could have been or were hit singles. Needless to say, the bar was set very high forHow does the new kid on the block size up?

Key Tracks: Feeling the Night,” “LAX to JFK,” “Atmosphere,” and “Something Something”

turns out to be a delightful surprise and change of pace. Kaskade has a track record of adapting his style to suite the times and that is exactly what he has done here. All of his classic production elements are left in tact, but it’s all very different. There is no attempt to chase down dub wobbles, auto tune, or other popular gimmicks of the day. What you get here is great, unapologetic, deep house. You won’t find people shuffling to this album, but that ship has sailed. The latest trend is getting back to the basics of deep and tech house. Case and point: Kaskade and Deadmau5 are the headliners at this years Lights All Night festival in Dallas, one of the biggest EDM events of the year. Both artists have called dubstep’s bluff of being more than a fad by continuing to produce true house music full of sweet electro blips, hisses, glass shattering sub bass, and angelic vocals. In doing so, these non-conformists have held on to their thrones as two of the best electronic producers and live performers in the world. I will, however, be going to Lights All Night in December just to make sure : )

– Joseph Noga
Account Executive, Education | FirstCom Music

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