Album Review: Matthew Dear – Beams

When it comes to indie music, many artists get lost in trying to find their sound or trying to be the right amount of weird. Matthew Dear has found that perfect balance in Beams. The vocals echo the baritone cry of TV on the Radio’s Babatunde Adebimpe. It’s a mix of talking, singing, crooning, and crying. James Murphy, Beck, Moby, and Ben Gibbard are all experts at it. You can tell that these artists influenced more than just the vocals in Matthew Dear. The world percussion sounds could be from some alternate LCD Soundsystem recordings. The electronic ambiance sounds like something The Postal Service pulled together. Moby’s wispy and repetitive production, The layers and vocal processing you would expect from Trent Reznor. Beams pulls together elements from indie music’s heavy hitters to create a indie pop super album.

Key Tracks: Earthforms,” “Up & Out,” and “Ahead of Myself”

You might be tempted to label this album as ambient, a form of house, or some other niche genre, however you would be wrong. This is indie pop at its finest. Sure the sound is dark and harrowing, but look at Yeasayer, TV on the Radio, Thee Oh Sees and The National. It’s popular. Matthew Dear has been perfecting this sound for over a decade and it comes through in Beams.

– Joseph Noga
Account Executive, Education | FirstCom Music

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