Album Review: Lissie – Back to Forever

Indie folk rocker Lissie is finally back with a new album! I heard some of the new songs off of Back to Forever for the first time at the Austin Ventures stage at Austin City Limits this past weekend. I wasn’t planning on going back for the 2nd weekend of ACL, but I am strongly considering it, if only just to see Lissie again.

Although Lissie has been around a while, she is definitely a rising star. I first encountered her music in 2008. She co-wrote the hit single Longest Road with Morgan Page. Deadmau5′ remix of the song would help define the EDM revolution of the late 2000’s. From the first time I heard Lissie’s voice, I knew she was destined for bigger things.

Lissie’s last album Catching A Tiger made a lasting impression with huge hits like “When I’m Alone,” “In Sleep,” “Cuckoo,”and “Everywhere I Go.” I wouldn’t say that the album was immediately successful. However, thanks to a few key covers and amazing live performances, Lissie is moving up in world of music. Her cover of Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness” stirred up a Twitter battle and over 2.5 million views on YouTube. Also, the live performances on Lissie’s YouTube stole my heart and attracted over 10 million views combined. Needless to say, there have been many fans anxiously waiting for Back to Forever.

Key Tracks: Shameless,” “Mountaintop Removal,” and “I Bet on You”

This second full length offering is packed full of radio ready hits. “Mountaintop Removal” boasts “America! I am American!” Lyrics that would make this the perfect pro-America anthem for any occasion. The whole album delivers addicting chunky drum grooves, EPIC soaring female vocals, and classic guitar riffs that will make you bust out your air guitar. If you like rock, country, Americana, indie, or any kind of feel good music, this is your new favorite album. Big claim? Sure! But give the album a full listen before you tell me I’m wrong.

– Joseph Noga
Account Executive, Education | FirstCom Music

Production Music Albums In This Style:

Folk-Lissie-production-musicNew Folk Revival
A collection of modern indie folk tracks. Organic production, traditional arrangements that borrow from the roots of the genre mixed with a Baroque and indie sensibility


Pop Alternative
Mesmerizing female-fronted and instrumental pop from the coolest fringes of the scene.

Rock-Folk-Lissie-Production-MusicGrand Stage Rock
Big ballads & rock dreams for the main stage.


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