Featured Production Music: Velocity’s “Urban FM”

Advertising is always in season! And by a successful campaign, is the production music behind it. The music used in advertisements plays a part in making it appealing. It’s what draws your audience in and what makes them remember it when it’s over.

As crucial as it sounds, there is no need to stress on the production music for your advertisements when using FirstCom Music. We closely follow current music trends and they’re always included in our new releases. One of our latest releases with the perfect collection of music inspired by today’s chart toppers can be found in our Velocity music library’s album: Urban FM (VL-138).

Velocity always delivers the hottest new current music styles and features what’s about to blow up in the music scene. It’s ahead of the curve, seeing the “next level” in its rear-view mirror. The talented people behind our Velocity music library are creative writers and producers who love modern music and know where it’s headed. You can hear the passion and dedication in every track. This stands true for Urban FM which contains the sounds of what’s currently dominating radio stations, clubs, and mixtapes.

To keep it fresh, the Velocity crew turned to Chris Penny, Will “GoodWill” Rappaport and Henri “MGI” Lanz to do the heavy lifting on this project. Here’s a bit on these guys:  Chris Penny is known for multiple club hits and remixes. And together, GoodWill & MGI are the American and Finnish production/songwriting duo that has worked with numerous major label artists such as Jadakiss, Sean Kingston, and Justin Bieber.

The result: an authentic sound and instrumental style you won’t find anywhere else!

Audition it today at our FirstCom Music website or click below on the album cover:



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