FirstCom Music Used in “Back In The Game”

ABC‘s new sitcom Back In The Game has played some familiar music since it’s premiere last month. The show, which airs Wednesdays at 7:30 pm CST, has featured more than just a couple tracks from FirstCom Music‘s MasterSource library!

From the “Pilot” (which used MSTR253’s “Might Be Falling”) to the 4th episode titled “The Change Up” (featuring MSTR205’s “Live It Up” AND MSTR240’s “Modern Entertainment”), FirstCom Music has been a part of Terry’s (Maggie Lawson) journey back into the sporting world.

Check out this scene from their latest episode featuring MasterSource‘s “Live It Up” here:

Listen to the full tracks featured in these episodes by clicking on the album covers below:

“Live It Up”
(MSTR205 #6)

“Modern Entertainment”
(MSTR240 #21)

“Might Be Falling”
(MSTR253 #31)


11.20.2013 – Tonight’s episode featured more FirstCom Music! The series placed “See Me Again” (RCR009 #11) and “Esta Noche” (MEX004 #1) in their 9th episode! Check out the tracks by clicking on the album covers below:

“See Me Again”
(RCR009 #11)

“Esta Noche”
(MEX004 #1)



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