Album Review: St. Lucia – When The Night

It’s a rare occasion to stumble across an album that urges to be repeated from end to end, but When The Night doesn’t entertain a dull moment. Why should it? More albums should be like this. It’s bubbly with smooth male vocals, elegantly simple bass grooves, and oscillating synth stings that slowly fade in and out of the jam. Oh, and the drummer must have a college degree in mid ’80s drum licks. I would venture to guess he can play In Your Eyes,” Africa,” and In The Air Tonight by heart.

Don’t like ’80s music? You do now. Throwback 80’s synth pop has been on the up-and-up the past several years, seemingly building up to When The Night. St. Lucia front man Jean-Philip Grobler has taken all of the classic retro elements of great ’80s synthpop and given us something better. This second wave of synthpop is more intentional and comfortable. No longer experimental, it has become a refined product of decades full of trial and error. Picking apart the most successful pieces of 1980’s to offer up a new breed of music.

Key Tracks: “Elevate,” “Closer Than This,” “We Got It Wrong,” and “Too Close”

Though, St. Lucia isn’t the first of its kind. M83, Neon Indian, Four Tet, Beach House, and Washed Out are just a few of the many artists bringing ’80s style synthpop to new generations. I, for one, couldn’t be happier. Listen to When The Night‘s third track Elevate,” and tell me that you aren’t happy, too. It’s impossible!

– Joseph Noga
Account Executive, Education | FirstCom Music

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