EP Review: Phantogram – Phantogram

I have a deep appreciation for consistency in music. Many bands try to change their sound completely from album to album. I believe the harder feat is to create a distinctive style that the listener can immediately recognize and attribute to an artist rather than a single or an album. Phantogram executes this task perfectly.

Their electronic nature means that they are always integrating new sounds, samples, and stings in their music, making their viscous style all the more impressive. A large part of that comes from Sarah Barthel‘s kind and angelic voice. However, the more important element that contributes to their signature sound is how well Sarah and Josh Carter are able to harmonize, which is best seen in their stripped down acoustic performance of When I’m Small.”

Key Tracks: Black Out Days” and “The Day You Died”

Let’s get onto their new self-titled EP. Oh my is it good! Black Out Days has to be one of Phantogram‘s best songs. The layered vocals and totally enormous drum sounds will leave you hypnotized. What’s more the rest of the EP is just as good. I left it on repeat for several hours while on a recent road trip and can’t get enough. Which means a great deal, since it is only four tracks long. In all seriousness, this new self-titled EP is a very well executed piece of art. I will be anxiously awaiting their new full length album VOICES.

– Joseph Noga
Account Executive, Education | FirstCom Music

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