Album Review: Jessy Lanza – Pull My Hair Back

Funky, acid bass synth, heavy electro, full of wobbles, latched drum machine hi-hats and claps, and sweet tantalizing female vocals echoing into the blue electric abyss. Jessy Lanza‘s new album Pull My Hair Back is a pure funky electric delight.

The simple drum machine rhythms keep the listener ensnared as a world of retro synths and instruments build around it dripping wet with effects, most notably ping pong delays that will have you looking back and forth at your speakers. The production is exquisite!

Key Tracks: 5785021,” “Keep Moving,” and “As If”

Now, I will say that this is not pop. This is on the deeper side of house/electro pop. Keep Moving” is the closest that Jessy comes to pop on the album, which might not be a bad thing. If the album were heavier with choruses and a bit less arpeggiated synth work, this would be a full-blown electro pop. More like Lorde. I’d venture to say Jessy gives us something better.

The style of Pull My Hair Back is one of my favorites of the moment. It’s similar to the feel you get with Disclosure, AlunaGeorge or James Blake. It’s technical in its approach. HEAVY with retro sounds and electronics, but the end result is a warm sizzle of feel good audio. “5785021” is my favorite track on the album. I like it so much that I wish the album had more of that acid bass chorus. Nonetheless, this is great album. I am already looking forward to seeing what’s next for Jessy Lanza.

– Joseph Noga
Account Executive, Education | FirstCom Music

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