Album Review: MS MR – Secondhand Rapture

“Welcome to the inner workings of my mind” reads one of the spellbinding lines from MS MR‘s single “Hurricane.” Spellbinding? Really? Oh, yes. I have recently fallen victim. When the Austin City Limits lineup was announced this past summer, I was sure to familiarize myself with all of the artists attending. I recalled hearing MS MR’s remix of ‘s first single “Pilgrim” just before SXSW this past year (which was amazing!), but hadn’t heard anything else from them. I went on to listen to their album, when it came out and WOW. Lizzy Plapinger‘s voice is pure decadence. It is razor sharp and piercing, yet contains a familiar warmth and comfort. Sweet. Seductive. Serene. Matched with Max Hershenow‘s epic and eerily sexy production, this is a necessary addition to your listening list.

Key Tracks: Hurricane,” “Bones,” and “Dark Doo Wop”

Before seeing them live at ACL, I was skeptical that they would be hard-pressed to recreate the heavily produced and effected sound of Secondhand RaptureI couldn’t have been more wrong. “Ash Tree Lane” is a quite instrumentally, technical song containing many vocal layers and disconnected drum parts. Their live performance was pixel for pixel perfection. I was impressed to say the least.

I could try to describe the sound of MS MR by comparing them to other “similar” artists, but I would be doing them a great disservice. Their sound is outstandingly original and fresh. It is inventive, yet familiar. I feel like I’ve heard this album before, like I’ve been listening to this for years, but I haven’t. I get the feeling that I shouldn’t like this album as much as I do. But I do. And for good reason. This is an excellent album that is well worth a listen. Clear an hour off your schedule and prepare to lose yourself in the warm embrace of Secondhand Rapture.

– Joseph Noga
Account Executive, Education | FirstCom Music

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