Album Review: Feed Me – Calamari Tuesday

When it comes to Electronic Dance Music, Feed Me is what you might call a heavy hitter. Dubstep first started breaking into the mainstream a few years back and Feed Me a.k.a. Jonathan Gooch was definitely a front-runner. Tracks like “Muscle Rollers,” “Green Bottle,” “Blood Red,” “Grand Theft Ecstacy,” and of course “One Click Headshot” are on most quintessential dubstep mixes. There is no denying Feed Me’s ability to create dance club anthems to keep your feet shuffling all night long. I was able to see him a few times in the past and he is just as good a performer as a producer. His performance at NYC’s Terminal 5 in 2012 was incredible.

In the past he has only released singles and EP’s ranging from 4 to 8 tracks long. Now, however, he gives us his first true full length album in Calamari Tuesday. Have the productions been watered down in order to give us this longer album? Better yet, do Feed Me’s tracks still have the same impact as they have in years past? Yes and/or DUH!!!

Key Tracks: Rat Trap,” “Death By Robot,” “Love is All I Got,” and “Ebb & Flow”

Obviously, with any full length album you will find a more diverse arrangement of tracks than you might with an EP, but this really works to Feed Me’s favor. Calamari Tuesday provides a vast buffet of all the different cuisines Jonathan Gooch has to offer. Heavy dub step wobbles and DROPS, break beats, 8-bit video game samples, GIGANTIC SNARE CLAPS, effected EDM female vocals, orchestral arrangements, tech house, deep house, dance floor hits, and deep tracks; Feed Me’s first proper full length album delivers the goods. Oh, and did I mention guest artists include veteran Feed Me collaborator Tasha Baxter, Jenna G, Yadi, AND Crystal Fighters? Don’t be surprised when you hear Feed Me at your local electric lounge/dance hall. The little green french monster is back to keep you and your crew dancing all night long.

– Joseph Noga
Account Executive, Education | FirstCom Music

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