“The Michael J. Fox Show” Features FirstCom Music in Episode

Another day, another placement. This time in NBC’s The Michael J. Fox Show!


The sitcom follows Michael J. Fox as Mike Henry, a man that  was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease that had to give up his career as a news anchor for his health and family, but then, five years later, decides to get back to work and struggles between his career and his family. This marks Fox’s first time returning to television since leaving ABC‘s Spin City in 2001. And in last night’s seventh episode, titled “Golf,” his show used music from our MasterSource library! Listen to the sexy, classic 60’s era MasterSource song “Off Of My Mind” featured in The Michael J. Fox Show here:

soul-music-for-tv“Off Of My Mind” (MSTR117 #7) by Jamie Dunlap, Marc Ferrari, Scott Nickoley, & Stephen Lang

Catch The Michael J. Fox Show Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. CDT. For more of FirstCom’s production music placements, new releases and music news, visit our website or follow us on any of FirstCom Music social sites!

UPDATE, Jan 23, 2014: “At Long Last” from MasterSource music library’s Sports Themes 1 (MSTR174) was also used in the sitcom for it’s Sochi episode!


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