EP Review: Flux Pavilion – Freeway EP

If Skrillex is the mastermind behind dubstep, Flux Pavilion would have to be the heart. With tracks like “Got 2 Know,” “Bass Cannon,” and “Lines In Wax” – to name a few, Flux had some of the FIRST massive hits in the dubstep genre. He is best known for the hit CRITICAL dubstep single “I Can’t Stop” from his Lines in Wax EP. The song was not only sampled in Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Who Gon Stop Me (Watch The Throne), it also has over 40 MILLION views on YouTube, which is simply insane. As is Flux’s newest release, Freeway EP. Insanely good.

Over the past few years, dubstep’s massive wobbles, huge drops, and predictable song structure have been adopted and overdone by any and every DJ/producer with a laptop. Flux Pavilion’s Freeway EP is the perfect progression. You still get drops and sweeps that will shake the neighborhood, but you also get more influence from French electro, tech house, and that raw vintage synth sound we all love and crave. Oh, and it isn’t completely obvious, but his subtle use of vocoders… it’s good.

Key Tracks: Gold Love,” “Steve French,” and “Freeway”

I really like what Flux has done here. This is not the EP I was expecting, and that’s a good thing. “Steve French” was the pre-release single featuring Steve Aoki, an electro/dubstep icon. It is the epitome of good club electro, not necessarily the typical hard dubstep you have come to expect from Flux.

“Freeway” is my favorite song on this EP for that reason. This is the type of track that would coming from David Guetta, Calvin Harris, or Deadmau5, not from one of the biggest, most EPIC names in dubstep. It’s emotional, building, and smothered wet with delay and reverb. The Freeway EP shows off a side of Flux Pavilion I had yet to see. And with the way the industry has been shifting lately, branching out of the dubstep pigeon hole is good idea. With 5 tracks under 5 minutes each, the Freeway EP is good short listen that is sure to impress dubstep ragers and electronica truists alike.

– Joseph Noga
Account Executive, Education | FirstCom Music

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