MasterSource Production Music Featured in “Raising Hope”

Fan of FOX’s Raising Hope? Love our production music? Well, it’s your lucky day! Our MasterSource music library will have a couple tracks featured in tonight’s new episode of hilarious sitcom!

Get familiar with the tracks here:

country-production-musicS4, Ep. 4
Album: Country 5 (MSTR062)
Title: “End Of The Line” [#10]
Description: Midtempo, traditional old-style; Down-home “Truck Stop” vibe


bluegrass-production-musicS4, Ep. 4
Album: Country/Bluegrass 1 (MSTR153)
Title: “Gonna Drink Myself To Death If It Kills Me” [#3]
Description: Midtempo, 60’s era; down-home / Roadhouse: upbeat, funny, witty


Raising Hope airs tonight at 8 pm CST – so tune in and be sure to tweet us @FirstCom_Music when you hear our music!


There have been four other MasterSource placements included in Raising Hope‘s season 4! One track from Dance/Disco 3 was used twice in two different episodes. Also, two tracks from Country 3 were both in the second episode of this season! Audition both albums below:

S4, Ep 1 and S4, Ep 9
Dance/Disco 3
Dance/Disco 3

“Turn It Round” [#1]

S4, Ep 2
Country 3
Country 3

“More or Less” [#7]
“The High Cost of Low Living” 


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