Album Review: Royal Canoe – Today We’re Believers

There are literally about 50 albums on my “to review” list, spanning from country to indie pop. Sorting out which one needs to be reviewed first can be quite difficult. Fortunately, Today We’re Believers is SO good that today the decision wasn’t hard.

The album is brilliantly A.D.D. The track “Bathtubs” is full on indie electro funk on a foundation layer of distorted and dark eerie vocals, glitches, pops, string sections, chimes, and playful and cool harmonies. Whereas, the very next track “Button Fumbla” is a soulful funk/rap jam that will make throw your hands up and get funky on the dance floor. It’s spectacular!

Key Tracks: Bathtubs,” “Button Fumbla,” and “Exodus Of The Year”

The entire album is thick with this addictive wandering voice; no two songs are entirely similar. “Exodus Of The Year” sounds like a delicious Postal Service B-side with driving airy wisps of background vocals, swells of radar blips, and a catchy ostinato that will urge you to hit the “repeat” button.

Every song explodes with amazing production and astounding creativity. Some of the instrumental pairings simply blew me away. Everything about the album is very indie pop, yet very eerie, minor, and chilling. All of your hipster friends will love Royal Canoe, but Today We’re Believers will fall well on less adventurous ears as well. It’s out there. It’s different. But oh boy, is it good! Only have time to listen to one track? Make it “Bathtubs.” It’s pure ear candy.

– Joseph Noga
Account Executive, Education | FirstCom Music

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