Album Review: Factory Floor – Factory Floor

In recent years, Factory Floor has established themselves as a quintessential cog in the post-punk/industrial electronic machine. The past year or so they have been in London working on their first full length effort, during their residency at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Riddled with repetition and shimmering stabs of blips, pops, and bubbles, this self-titled offering is well worth a listen.

Think of a groovier version of tech-house packed out with layers of world hand percussion, real drum grooves, chunky snares, and intentionally shallow and flat kicks, instead of the non-musical subwoofer fart most electronic acts produce these days. The light garnish of incomprehensible studdering vocals really brings all of the elements together. The end result is an urban industrial album, good enough to lure the shuffling dubstep bassheads out of the EDM clubs and over to the progressive industrial stage that is Factory Floor.

Key Tracks: Fall Back,” “Turn It Up,” and “How You Say”

Before New Order brought about the bright pop electronica that we know all to well today, there was Joy Division. I would consider Factory Floor a modern reincarnation of that style and moment. Nothing is overly complex. Nothing is revolutionary. But the way that all of the elements and sounds come together in this self-titled full length debut is truly something unique and spectacular. I have a feeling that this is the direction that EDM music will be heading in the next few years.

– Joseph Noga
Account Executive, Education | FirstCom Music

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