FirstCom Music in Season 1 of “Masters of Sex”

Season 1 of Masters of Sex has come to an end. Although we’re pumped for season 2 in 2014, we decided to take a look back at our music used during the first season. You may have read in our post in October about our OneMusic Placement in Showtime’s Masters of Sex, but it didn’t stop there! The series placed more FirstCom Music from our Chappell and Hollywood Music libraries in more episodes! Check it out:

ballroom-music-for-tvMasters of Sex, Ep. 107 features:
Album: Dance 1 (CHAP133)
Title: “The Tango Dancer” (#4)
Description: Ballroom style upbeat dancing, featuring Cha cha cha, tango, twist, fox trot, mambo, rock ‘n’ roll & rumba.


pop-jazz-music-for-tvMasters of Sex, Ep. 109 features:
Album: Jazz And Pop Queens Of The 40s And 50s (HM-087)
Title: “Give and Take” (#3)
Composer(s): Robert J. Walsh
Description: In the style of Billy Holiday. Impassioned vocal yearns in a bluesy, traditional pop ballad.


For more of our recent placements, check out the FirstCom Music Film/TV page!


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