MasterSource Music in Disney’s “Saving Mr. Banks”

FirstCom Music is excited to have our MasterSource music library be a part of the magic of Disney’s new film, Saving Mr. Banks!

Watch the movie trailer below:

The film tells the story of Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers as she reflects on her childhood while she’s being persuaded by Walt Disney to give up the screen rights to her novel. Tom Hanks stars as filmmaker Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as Pamela “P.L.” Travers. The two MasterSource tracks featured in the film are: “This Is Not Goodbye” (MSTR193) and “A Kiss Under the Stars” (MSTR177).

Saving Mr. Banks
will be in theaters everywhere December 20. The MasterSource production music used in the film can be heard today on our FirstCom Music website, or by clicking on the album covers below:

cocktail-piano-music-for-filmAlbum: Cocktail Piano 9 (MSTR177)
Title: A Kiss Under the Stars (#1)
Composer(s): Daniel May & Marc Ferrari
Description: In the style of Erroll Garner, this mid-tempo, 40’s era, classic lounge ballad is tender, elegant, romantic, and sweet.


cocktail-piano-production-musicAlbum: Cocktail Piano 10 (MSTR193)
Title: This Is Not Goodbye (#17)
Composer(s): Daniel May & Marc Ferrari
Description: A gentle and sweet mid-tempo, contemporary ballad.


Tweet us if you hear our music at @FirstCom_Music …after the movie, of course!


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