Featured FirstCom Album: The Motherboard Connection

FirstCom Music offers a comprehensive selection of production music styles ranging from century specific orchestral arrangements to the most current dance house hits. Case and point: The Motherboard Connection.

Electronic music has an ever-expanding list of sub-genres, which can be very hard to follow and even more difficult to actually understand. The Motherboard Connection offers up electronic underscores in the most popular and relevant styles, cutting the jargon and hassle of sorting through sub-genres out of the equation. Listening through the album is a journey through chilled mid-tempo deep house funk, hard hitting dubstep grooves, and a wide range of syrupy sweet electronic music dripping with the sounds of vintage analogue synths and drum machines.


Key Tracks: “Serenity 9000,” “Launch Status Approved,” “Revolt Reboot Re-Engage,” and “Star Climber”

Music has progressed quickly and by a large margin in the past few years. Now, the earth swarms with generationals powered by WIFI and LTE. They constantly crave the newest electronic sounds in the highest quality possible. FirstCom Music produces more than 115 new albums each year to provide its clients access to the sounds that possess the earbuds of the most current generations. This particular album comes from the Velocity music library, which is well known for being one of the most youthful and forward thinking libraries in the industry. The finely tuned edge of The Motherboard Connection is sure to catch the attention of even the most discerning ears. Be sure to check out the key tracks for yourself. “Serenity 9000” is my own personal favorite. What’s yours?

– Joseph Noga
Contributing Blogger | 
FirstCom Music

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