Top 5 MasterSource Composers (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of our five-part series! Last week, we started spotlighting our top composers from the MasterSource music library (in no particular order), starting with Paul Taylor. Today, the time has come to reveal the next composer… *Drum roll*

…the versatile multi-instrumentalist, Jamie Dunlap!


Jamie has licensed over 1,000 of his original compositions for television and film to date, including songs for: Wolverine, Little Miss Sunshine, Walk the Line, Wedding Crashers, Hot Rod, The Sixth Sense and Lakeview Terrace. He also has the distinction of having the most tracks of any composer in the MasterSource repertoire…over 500 and counting! But long before this, (in the 80’s) he was on the road, playing in cover bands from Seattle.

The MasterSource composer graduated from Musicians Institution in 1989, after making his big move to Los Angeles. There, after working for the Latin jingle house AZ Productions for four years, Jamie sharpened his composing skills by writing music for numerous National and Regional Commercials. In 1997, he broke away to form Mad City Productions with Partner/Co-Owner Scott Nickoley. The successful music post company is dedicated to writing, producing and recording source cues for films and TV.

Jamie’s compositional skills are proficient in a wide variety of genres. For over a decade, the BMI Film & TV Award winner has also created the eclectic score for Comedy Central’s South Park. He’s also worked on numerous features for The History Channel, including Rwanda – Do Scars Ever Fade?, for which he received an Emmy Award nomination for his music. Additionally, Jamie scored the HBO documentary about Darfur, Sand and Sorrow – a film narrated by George Clooney.

More of Jamie Dunlap’s credits are listed below:

South Park (2001-Present) – Comedy Central
Rwanda – Do Scars Ever Fade? (2008) – The History Channel
Sand And Sorrow (2007) – HBO
Crash And Bernstein (2012-2013) – Disney X D
Mighty Med – Disney X D
Pair Of Kings – Disney X D

Cabin In The Woods (2012)
The Dilemma (2011)
The Fighter (2010)
Secretariat (2010)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
Brüno (2009)
Lakeview Terrace (2008)
Hot Rod (2007)
Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
Walk the Line (2005)
Wedding Crashers (2005)
Sideways (2004)
American Wedding (2003)
Ghost World (2001)
Bedazzled (2000)
The Sixth Sense (1999)

The Stick Of Truth” – South Park Xbox Video Game (March 2014 release date)

Plus, other projects for:
Hallmark TV
Fox TV

Be sure to check in again next week for the third installment of our five-part series on MasterSource’s top composers. For the full list of our composers, visit the FirstCom Music Composers page!

Recent MasterSource Production Music Albums featuring Jamie Dunlap:


Dance 5
The perfect collection of tracks in the style of today’s current charting radio-friendly pop hits


Country 10
This down-home rockin’ collection captures the styles of today’s top Country superstars


Pop 1
Radio-friendly commercial music. Energetic, positive and good vibes


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