MasterSource Music Placement in SNL Sketch Featuring Drake

Catch last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live? The always hilarious late-night sketch comedy show aired its first new episode of the year yesterday, and it not only featured Drake as the host and musical guest, but also some FirstCom Music!

MasterSource Production Music’s “Yeah Whatever” was played in the sketch about a girl that falls for her friend’s dad at a slumber party. That best part? The cast and host have a dance party to the song!

To watch “Slumber Party” – click on the image below:


(Track starts at 3:11)

As you know, MasterSource is a leading source for film and television music, featuring 400+ artists and over 8,000 tracks. The uptempo, euro-inspired club pop song used in the SNL sketch is from Pop 2 (MSTR259 #41) – an album inspired by today’s pop idols. Listen to it and more from MSTR259 here:


We also will note that Drake recently found inspiration in our FirstCom Music libraries! Check out the artist inspiring track here:


“The Big Country” from (GAL032 #1)

Tell us…what was your favorite sketch of the night?


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