FirstCom Music Placement in “That Awkward Moment”

Everyone’s experienced that feeling… the confusing moment in a relationship when you need to decide where things are going, or the “So…” In the film That Awkward Moment, we follow three “bros” each in that very situation. It’s only appropriate a track titled “That Old Familiar Feeling” helps tell the story! FirstCom Music is excited to have the 40’s era, elegant ballad from our MasterSource music library featured in movie!

easy-listening-production-musicAlbum: Cocktail Piano 9 (MSTR177)
Title: “That Old Familiar Feeling” (#5)
Composer(s): Daniel May & Marc Ferrari



“That Old Familiar Feeling” is a sweet, easy listening, mid-tempo track from Cocktail Piano 9 (MSTR177). This isn’t the first time music from this album was placed in a film. Last month, Saving Mr. Banks featured “A Kiss Under the Stars” (track #1)!

Be sure to listen to the MasterSource track today, and feel that ‘old familiar feeling’ when you hear it again on the big screen! The “bromantic” comedy starring Zac Efron, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan premieres January 31. Watch the trailer for That Awkward Moment below:


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