EPIX Original Documentary “Schooled” Features FirstCom Music

FirstCom Music is not only known for providing music for TV shows, movies and trailers – we have also placed music in documentary films. Recently, we were featured in the EPIX Original documentary Schooled: The Price of College Sports.


Schooled takes a close look at the business of college football and basketball and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)’s treatment of athletes. With the help of archival footage, original interviews and vérité scenes, the sports documentary tells the story of how college sports has become a billion dollar industry, built on the backs of its unpaid athletes. Schooled is based on Taylor Branch’s e-book “The Cartel: Inside the Rise and Imminent Fall of the NCAA.”

Watch Schooled on EPIX or Netflix today, and comment or Tweet us (@FirstCom_Music) your thoughts on the film. Also, be sure to check out our Documentary Playlists and albums to explore our music created for documentaries.

Tracks featured in Schooled: The Price of College Sports:


Title: “Communicate” (#3)
Composer(s): Aaron Wheeler
Album: Futurism (MH040)
Description: Audio for innovation, evolution and progress.

*This track is used twice in the documentary*


Title: “Boy Back In Town” (#1)
Composer(s): Steve Sidwell
Album: The Songs The Thing (CHAP363)
Description: Spectacular Showtime Hits & Jazz Ballads.


Title: “Come Back To Me” (#2)
Composer(s): Andrew Kingslow
Album: Funk Soul Ska (MH062)
Description: Sun soaked ska, soul and funk, deep from the MusicHouse vaults


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