HBO’s “Girls” Features FirstCom Music in Episode

That’s right! Last night’s episode of Girls (titled “Free Snacks”) featured music from FirstCom’s Hollywood Music library! As you know, our Hollywood Music library is full of entertainment music for film and TV – ranging music styles ranges from romantic vista to majestic epic and up-to-the-minute music trends. For last night’s episode, Lena Dunham’s comedy-drama used our track “Saucy Housewives”  from the HM album Dramedy (how appropriate!).

Listen to the track, composed by Jack Elliot, below:

dramedy-music-for-tvTitle: “Saucy Housewives” (#61)
Album: Dramedy (HM-097)
Album description: Quirky, perky, playful cues for reality TV and light drama



Girls is on Sundays at 10/9pm CST. Make sure to watch and tweet us when you hear our track @FirstCom_Music!


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